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Why We Should All Walk More

Walking is an excellent way to become more physically active. Walking is free, it's fun and the benefits are excellent. Few people fully realize the importance walking can play in our lives. In fact, of all the ways we can be physically active, walking is by far the easiest. You don't have to worry about bringing heavy and often cumbersome sporting equipment with you when you camping or on vacation.

You also don't have to concern yourself with not being able to carry your equipment on an airplane when you go on vacation. After all, when you're on vacation, you shouldn't be forced to give you your exercise schedule. When your exercise schedule includes walking, you don't have these worries. You can walk any time regardless of where you may be. Walking is also one of the cheapest forms of exercise. The only requirement is a good pair of shoes.

Here are some of the other many reasons why we should all make an effort to spend more time walking:

Walking will leave you feeling energetic and when you have more energy, you just naturally feel better about yourself and everything around you.

Walking is very relaxing and is a great way to relieve stress. Who in this doesn't have stress they'd like to reduce or eliminate?

Walking helps to put more tone into your muscles and make your muscles and bones stronger.

Walking will improve your stamina and provide you with overall better physical fitness.

Walking more will help to lower your risk of chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, respiratory problems, diabetes and more.

Walking will also give you a chance to socialize with your family and friends.

There is a multitude of reasons why we should all spend more time walking and what it will do for your health is just the beginning. As you already know, walking is free so therefore, think of all the money you can save by walking on the many short trips you take every day. Just the wear and tear you'll save on your vehicle should be enough to make you think more seriously about walking instead of driving every chance you get.

If you're the type of person that enjoys doing things with others, ask some of your friends or family members if they'd like to join you on your walks. You may be surprised to find out they have exactly the same feeling about walking alone as you and would love the opportunity to walk with you.