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Walking the Dog Means Fitness for Both

Walking and exercise in general are playing a larger part in our lives than ever before. With all the new health-related news regarding the importance of good physical fitness for longevity, more people are fitting exercising in their lives. Walking is still the most popular form of exercise. Long before their children are ever old enough to see the inside of a gym or fitness center, you see them outside walking with Mom or Dad.

Walking is the one type of exercise that we're all able to fit into our busy schedules, even if it's just walking those few extra blocks to the store as opposed to taking the car. Walking is fun, it's therapeutic and it's extremely good for our health, particularly our heart.

Man's Best Friend

Another thing that is playing a much larger part in our daily lives is our family dog, otherwise known as man's best friend. The dog may have been around since the beginning of time, but their role in the family has really changed. Years ago, the family dog was often kept outdoors and utilized as a watchdog, farm dog or family pet, never to leave the home. We knew the role of our family dog and the dog knew its role and its duties.

Today, however, dogs are seen everywhere. They're accompanying their families on vacation. They're seen on the beach, on the sidewalk and any other place that happens to be pet friendly. We're also seeing more pet friendly businesses with the increasing time families are spending with their faithful friend. Very few waysides or rest areas along the highway can be seen with a dog run.

Physical Fitness for Both

Dogs love walking. In fact, there are few things a dog will look forward to more than a nice long walk with its owner. The great thing about walking your dog is that you're providing both of you with not only some great bonding time but also exercise that will promote good health for both. Many people don't realize this, but dogs need exercise just like humans, particularly indoor dogs that seem to spend a large majority of their time eating and sleeping. Can you imagine if all we did was eat and sleep?

If you're looking for a fun way to get some exercise from walking, why not consider taking your dog for a daily walk? You'll have a great time and you'll be providing your four legged friend with a daily treat they'll look forward to almost as much as their dog biscuit!