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Walking For Charities

I don't know too many things that will give people more motivation to walk than knowing their doing it either for their favorite charity or for a charity that affects a loved one. Walking is very popular today and more people than ever are choosing it as their method of exercise and weight control.

What does walking for charities mean?

Walking for charities means just what the phrase indicates. You're walking for a specific charity to raise money. When you choose a specific charity to raise money for by walking, you approach friends and family members and ask them if they're willing to pledge you in that charity. A person may make a flat donation of a certain dollar amount or they may choose to pledge you so much per mile. At the end of the "walkathon", you let them know how many miles you've walked and they give you the money. For instance if someone pledged you 50 cents a mile and you walked 10 miles, they'd give you 5 dollars, which would go to your favorite charity.

Why walk for charity?

Walking for charities are a great way to get in some good exercise, meet and socialize with many others and raise money to help the charity. Some of the most common charities are to help fight cancer, breast cancer, cystic fibrosis, heart disease and more. Every year more charities are started by people that have a great heart and are willing to donate their time to getting these events going. Walking for charities allows you to be able to make a contribution to any of these great causes while still getting in your favorite exercise. Often as an incentive, the top finishers of the walkathon will be given a prize that's been donated.

Why getting in shape for walking with charities is important

The idea of becoming part of a charity walk sounds wonderful. You'll be with friends, family member or co-workers, you'll be getting exercise and you'll be helping a worthy cause. However, if you're not in shape for walking, you better get in shape fast. If you're collecting pledges, you need to be in good shape so that you can walk a nice distance so you can collect as much as possible for the charity.

If you are out of shape and the charity walk is "right around the corner" time wise, bow out or you may wind up with an injury. Charity walks tend to be long and if you're not in shape, you may still try to push yourself to keep up with others and end up in a lot of pain. If there is time, start walking and getting in shape!