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Tips on Socks and Shoes for Successful Walking

Walking is a very popular form of exercise and entertainment, whether you're doing it for fun, to spend time with a loved one or friend, to walk your dog or as part of a physical fitness program. Few people fully realize the importance of wearing the right shoes and socks. While it may be true that years ago people didn't have the variety of walking and running shoes we now see on the market, it's also true that they suffered a lot from sore feet.

Whether you're just going to be in a long walkathon or you're planning on walking regularly for exercise, make sure you wear the correct shoe and socks. Here are some tips on the kind of shoes and socks you'll want to wear when you're out walking.

Well cushioned shoes

It's been said that your feet can take 2000 tons of weight every day and if this is true, don't they deserve some cushioning? You may think that you can walk in any kind of shoe but you'll be able to go a lot further and in much more comfort if you're wearing the right kind of shoe. Choose a shoe that's made for walking and you'll be able to go longer and better. The best time of day to try on shoes is late in the day because feet often swell as the day goes on.

Wear the same kind of socks you'll be wearing when you buy the shoes so you get the best possible fit. Make sure they seem flexible and will easily support your weight. Make sure the show has enough room in the toe-box for you to easily move and wiggle your toes. The heels should be firm. Try them on and walk around in the store a little bit with them on. If they're not comfortable in the store, they will NOT be comfortable when you're walking.

Socks make a difference

Your socks should be more than just a fashion statement to match your outfit. You should be willing to take as good of care of your feet as they take care of you. Socks have two purposes. They protect your feet from getting injured and they also "wick away" perspiration and keep your feet dry and protect the shoe. Without socks, your perspiration can easily damage the lining of the shoe and make your shoes become very uncomfortable. Once this happens, your feet may get painful blisters or corns.

Choose socks that will provide cushioning for your feet as well as wick away perspiration. Cotton socks will absorb the moisture and feel good but cotton/synthetic blends will help the moisture to evaporate. Socks with padded toes and heels will give your feet a great feeling. If your socks feel moist, change them. Your feet will never stop thanking you for such good care.