Stop Smoking - How to Quit Smoking

If one has ever made real efforts to give up smoking, one possibly knows it is not an easy task. Within five seconds of smoking, nicotine moves straightly to brain which encourages the brain to discharge some chemicals that make one crave more for smoking. More often than not, individuals make five to seven efforts before concluding on dropping the idea of smoking. In accordance with various recent studies, whenever a person tries to quite something, he will become stronger and will have known more regarding what made him slip.

Different methods to quit smoking

Below is given a list of effective methods of quite smoking.

Mental preparation

In order to be well prepared to use different methods to quit smoking, the smokers need to set their mind to do so. Nicotine fits are one of the initial taking out symptoms when body craves for nicotine; however within the time period of one or two weeks, all these cravings usually subside.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

In this therapy, some products replace nicotine that is usually got from smoking. This replacement of nicotine includes replacing higher amounts of nicotine which one gets through smoking with lower dosages of nicotine. It is actually a medium of providing nicotine devoid of harmful gases, tar and various other rudiments of smoking. This process diminishes the longing for cigarettes or nicotine and also shows withdrawal symptoms.

Smokers can also opt for buying some anti smoking herbal products available in market. These products are made of a number of herbals which are safe for humans and do not result in any kind of serious side effects. These herbal products may include quit smoking patch, herbal supplements and herbal cigars and cigarettes.


The methods to quit smoking, various alternative techniques including acupuncture, anti smoking injections and yoga practices can prove effective in helping the smokers give up smoking habits.

96 percent of people don't just learn how to stop smoking, they actually learn how to stop ever wanting to smoke ever again. Are You Smoking? or Health Online Review.

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