Stop Smoking - Improve your Love Life By Quitting Smoking

Author: Brian Leanza

Smoking has terrible effects on your love life. There are quite a few studies showing that there is a relation between smoking and having an erection. Men that smoke very often fail to perform in their 'husbandly duties', leaving their wife or girlfriend frustrated and putting themselves under considerable amount of stress. Men that quit smoking showed improved ability of arousal with a few weeks..

Moreover scientific research has proven that smoking has devastating effects on men's ability to conceive. Their semen moves considerably slower than that of a non-smoker and the amount of sperm produced is a lot smaller.

Also studies looking at couples that visited sexual therapy showed that male smokers very often have a diminished desire for sexual intercourse and / our have difficulties gaining sexual satisfaction. Statistics show that non-smokers have sexual intercourse about twice as often as smokers, leaving very little doubt about the negative effects of smoking in terms of sexual desire.

While there are is little research dealing with the negative effects of smoking on the sexual health of females, scientists generally agree that women are affected by the negative effects of smoking as well.

Quitting smoking has many benefits, this is only one of them. Quit smoking today ... it is never too late.

About the author: Brian is a former chain-smoker that luckily managed to break the nasty habit.

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