Head Massage : The Right Way For Perfect Inner As Well As Outer Health

Infants receive a daily massage from birth to promote good health.The first nine months are considered to be the best fot infants for massage as bones of fontanelle develops after nine months . Now massage has be come a part of daily life especially for women. They look for better hair and relaxation of mind . But these days , the massaging technique has been further developed to incorporate the upper back , neck , shoulders and even face. undoubtly massaging has powerful effect on the whole body , be it mentaaly , physically and spiritually.

The right touch not only strenghtens our immune system but also help us survive.

Tip : Do visit your barber for Head massage atleast once a week to refresh all bones and nerves.

Benefits of a Head Massage

a) It releases hormones which enables the growth and function of the brain and relaxation of the whole body.

b) Restores joint movement and stretches joints in the nech , shoulders and upper arms .

c) It promotes blood flow . As a result it eases out tension and promotes the growth of hair .

d) It stimulates the drainage of lymph fluid .

e) It increases the supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain .Clear thinking and sense of focus are achieved as a result .

f) You get better sleep which is what most people long for.

Best part , it can be performed at home or even at your desk , just about anytime and anywhere.

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