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How To Lose Weight, Make Money and Get Women


When deciding to write this article, I decided that I wanted to show all the things that not just getting in shape, but accomplishing something extraordinary, can do for you. If you are overweight and lose weight and get in shape, many incredible things begin to happen.

You see I have, in the last year, lost about 35 pounds. After the weight loss, I began to notice that things, once hard to accomplish, were starting to seem easy.

These were little things at first. I first noticed that I had more energy and looked better. But as time went on and I lost more weight, I realized that I had accomplished something I thought I never would. I had gotten myself in great shape, which has been an ongoing struggle of mine for a long time.

I then realized that I could probably accomplish all the things that I thought I couldn't. So this really started to get me excited. I began to think of all the possibilities out there. I began to think of things outside of health that I could accomplish.

I assume this is how many people have become extremely successful in life. They probably reached one seemingly unattainable goal and had this realization. Then they probably decided to shoot for higher and more complicated goals.

The more I thought about this, the more I thought that my weight loss could be the start of an entirely new personality and lifestyle for myself. I can become a person who gets things done, instead of someone always talking about what I want to do.

Here are just a few things that have come as a result of my weight loss.

.I have increased confidence in myself.

.I have started a new company that is off to a great start, profiting the first month in business.

.Increased energy. I have twice the amount of energy I had when I was overweight.

.I have started a muscle building plan. I am going to get in even better shape this year.

.I have written a book, something that I have wanted to do for a long time.

.My self control over everything is much greater. This means with eating, my temper and many other things. I have much more control over my life.

.I am able to help other people lose weight. I have wanted to help people somehow for a long time, and this gave me the confidence to do so.

Well, those are just a few of the things that something as simple as weight loss has done for me. Just imagine what you can do if you accomplish a goal such as weight loss or anything that you once thought you could not.
This form of thinking goes beyond weight loss. This could be something as simple as exercising everyday. Or it could be making a to do list everyday.

Any goal or achievement can be used to catapult yourself and your personality into a different realm of possibilities. It can be used to show yourself what unlimited possibilities there really are in life.

So my point is this. Set a goal you want to achieve and do it. Have this goal achieved within the next month or two. It can do amazing things for you and your life. Then you can use your newly achieved goals to help you lose weight, make money, get women or accomplish anything else you want in life. You only get one life, so why not get started as soon as possible.

About the Author

This article was written by Jason Barger. Jason has been helping people lose weight with his breakthrough book, Primal Weight Loss. To learn more about his philosophy and programs you can visit


Jason Barger



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